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Your Guide to Choosing a Legaltech Vendor

In partnership with StructureFlow and Definely

In recent years, the legal sector has undergone a series of events that have led to significant change and, along with it, greater adoption of legaltech. As a law firm, it’s now crucial to have reliable technology vendors providing you with the solutions and support you need to keep your practice running efficiently.

Finding the right technology and dependable, supportive vendors can seem daunting – with many considerations to factor in before making a decision. In this guide, we discuss the key areas law firms should think about when choosing a legaltech vendor and why making the right choice of vendor is so important.

This book covers: 

  • Key benefits of legaltech
  • Considerations when selecting a legaltech vendor
  • Why making the right choice of vendor matters

We’d like to extend a special thanks to the contributors to this guide, including Fiona McClune, Chief Revenue Officer at StructureFlow, Nathan Killick, Head of New Business at Definely, and Andrei Salajan, Head of Digitalisation at Schoenherr.

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