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Get to trial faster by simplifying your document management

Simplify and accelerate your litigation process by using a transaction management platform designed for legal transactions.

Legatics dashboard litigation screen

Challenges in litigation transactions

Creating and managing lists

Creating and managing court bundles, document lists, and steps plans is a time consuming and manual process.

Managing documents

Documents are shared by email and stored in multiple places, making it harder to find the latest version and reducing collaboration.

Signing documents

Identifying parties and signatories, sending documents for signing and tracking progress is disconnected, increasing execution risk.

Creating court bundles

Bringing the final documents together from multiple places can take weeks, and creating bundles for multiple parties can take even longer.

Solve these challenges by managing everything in one place

You don’t have to switch between documents, spreadsheets, email, and other tools to keep your transaction running smoothly. 

Legatics gives you the tools needed to collaboratively plan, organise, and execute your transaction in one place – no matter what type of transaction you are working on.

Greater deal transparency

From having everything in one place.

Improved client experience

Thanks to greater visibility and less confusion.

Accelerated closings

Due to increased deal momentum.

Our software helps
solve your challenges

Digital lists

Manage documents, actions, comments, statuses and more with our digital lists.

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Document bundling

In two clicks, every document in your list can be indexed and downloaded into a zip file. We’ll also include a branded Word index.

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Signing view

Sign documents using our wet-ink tool, or send them directly to DocuSign – all from your list.

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Get real-time insight into the progress of your documents and each list. Quickly see the actions you need to perform and keep work on track – all in one place.

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Use cases

Legatics can transform your litigation transactions

View all templates

Court bundle template screen

Court Bundle

Organise your court documents in one place.

Documents list template screen

Documents List

Track and manage documents in your transaction.

Steps plan template screen

Steps Plan

Step out all of the documents and actions required for your legal process.

Witness statement template screen

Witness Statement

Track, manage and sign all of the documents involved in a witness statement in one place.

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