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Use cases

Legatics can be used by every industry, practice area and team.

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Background documents template screen

Background Documents

Manage (and easily find) the background documents to your deal.

Board pack template screen

Board Pack

Organise your board pack and then send electronically or as a customised zip folder.

Company incorporation

Company Incorporation

Track and manage the documents and actions required to incorporate a company.

Company Information

Store information on multiple companies, such as company name, number and more.

Company name change template screen

Company Name Change

Track and manage the documents and actions required to change the name of a company.

Completion checklist template screen

Completion Checklist

Track pre-completion, completion and post-completion items.

A screenshot of the conditions precedent window

Conditions Precedent & Subsequent Checklist

Satisfy your conditions precedent faster and more collaboratively.

Confidentiality agreements template screen

Confidentiality Agreements

Manage all of your confidentiality agreements in one place.

Corporate authorisations template screen

Corporate Authorisations

Manage all of your corporate authorisations in one place.

Court bundle template screen

Court Bundle

Organise your court documents in one place.

Director Appointment

Track and manage the documents and actions required to appoint multiple directors to a company.

Director removal template screen

Director Removal

Manage all the documents and actions required to remove one or more directors from a company.

A screenshot of the documents list window

Documents List

Track and manage documents in your transaction.

File sharing template screen

File Sharing

Share files securely with your client or any other person.

Information request template screen

Information Request

Request information from your client (or any other person) and track their responses.

Issues List template screen

Issues List

Track the issues in your transaction and get them resolved faster.

KYC checklist template screen

KYC Checklist

Request and collect all of the documents you need for KYC requirements.

Regulatory application checklist template screen

Regulatory Application Checklist

Step out all of the documents and actions required for a regulatory application.

Steps plan template screen

Steps Plan

Step out all of the documents and actions required for your legal process.

Witness Statement

Witness Statement

Track, manage and sign all of the documents involved in a witness statement in one place.