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Seamlessly integrate all of your critical applications



Accelerate your signings

Send documents to DocuSign, track their status in Legatics and more, so you can close your deals faster – all from one place.

Use your DocuSign account

Access all of your favourite DocuSign features.

Connect multiple accounts

All of your features and regions, accessible from one place.

Push template emails into envelopes

Deliver signing instructions direct to your lawyers.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Enhance security and simplify log-in

Provide a heightened level of security for all of your Legatics data.

Fast and secure access

Save your users time and give your IT team peace of mind.

Control access, in your time

Take control of how your users log into Legatics.

Integrated with all SAML 2.0 protocol systems

Connect with Azure Active Directory, OneLogin, Okta, and more.



Keep your documents up to date with iManage

Fast and secure transfer

Save your users time and give your IT team peace of mind.

Easily see shared documents

Make sure everything is in iManage.

Versatile connection options

Connect with Work Server 10 and iManage Cloud.

Try our integrations today

Connect your applications with Legatics and benefit from a seamless transaction experience.