An end-to-end deal platform focused on efficiency and client experience


We transform traditional legal processes into simple and highly automated software that frees lawyers from administrative tasks and reduces write-offs.


Optimised and automated legal processes


Understands the way lawyers work


Real-time visibility over deal progress


We have optimised and automated legal processes. The redesigned processes form software modules that lawyers can add to their matters.

We understand lawyers. Our software development is led by lawyers to ensure that it accurately embodies legal tasks and is simple, intuitive and enjoyable for all parties to use.

We provide real-time visibility over deal progress.  Law firms’ clients love the increased transparency our platform provides.  Our overview screen displays the live status of deal progress and summarises the actions each party needs to take next. This drives the deal forward and maintains momentum.


Redesigned legal processes

CP process

Delight clients and avoid busting your fee cap with our automated conditions precedent process.

Documents lists

Keep all parties on the same page with a one-stop shop for key transaction documents.

Issue tracking

Finish deals faster with live issue tracking.


Transaction bible creation

Free juniors from bible (or 'closing set') production with our automated process.

KYC management

Stop saying you won't coordinate KYC just because of the administrative costs.