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Understand Legatics’ core features

Thanks to Legatics’ flexible system, legal teams of any size can manage all your transactions – simple or complex.


Law firms around the world are using Legatics to improve their legal transactions

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Manage more than just the closing of your transaction

With your transaction in Legatics, you’ll always know the status of all stages of your transactions, not just the closing.

The Legatics dashboard on Documents List screen


Give transaction management a dedicated space

Our digital lists give you the tools needed to manage your documents, actions, statuses, and comments in one place.

Multiple use cases

Our digital lists can be adapted for every use case, and every practice area.

Create as many as you need

We know that one list isn’t enough to run a transaction – that’s why you can create as many as you need.

Signing management

Accelerate your closings

Say goodbye to manually extracting signature pages and a disconnected DocuSign experience.

Wet-ink signing

Create signature packs in minutes not hours and track signing status.

DocuSign signing

Send documents directly to DocuSign and track their progress from your list.

Legatics document management screen shot

Document management

Informative document management

Store your documents where everyone can find them
(and see more than just file size).

Version control

Easily identify who uploaded the latest version of your documents – and when.

Automatic actions

Use pre-built rules to get to closing quicker.

Closing sets

Closing sets in minutes, not hours

Create custom closing sets with a click of a button, so you can spend more time focusing on the next transaction.

Branded Word index

Our custom downloads make it easier to keep your lawyers on-brand.

Indexed and hyperlinked

Because this isn’t work that your lawyers should be focusing on.


See the big picture

A screen cap of the Legatics Dashboard

Get real-time insight into the progress of the deal and each list. Quickly see the actions you need to perform and keep work on track – all in one place.

Quickly take action

Our dashboard helps everyone quickly see what they need to do, and to take action to keep the transaction moving.

Automatically created

You have better things to do than manually create dashboards. That’s why ours are automatically created for every list.


Get your list started faster

With 40+ ready-made templates to choose from, you can use Legatics for every practice area.


Once created, customise your templates to fit your own style

Start from another list

Created the perfect list? Simply start from that list again the next time you want to use it!

Transform your data

With our import tool, you can import data from a variety of sources, making it quick and easy to get started with Legatics.

Word tables

Transform tables from Word documents into Legatics lists.

Excel sheets

Convert your static Excel files into dynamic Legatics lists.

Legal text

Reformat free-form legal text into structured rows and columns.

Admin System

Access insightful data and manage permissions

Download reports to measure the success of adoption, view and manage matters, and control user access. 

Export data in JSON or CSV format

Extract valuable details about your matters, users, lists and activities in just one click.

Manage matters and users

Deactivate user access to matters and stay on top of any irregular activities.

Word downloads

Stay on brand

We get that your brand is important. That’s why every list can be downloaded into a branded (and perfectly formatted) Word document.

Perfect for sharing with clients, partners and everyone else who needs to quickly see the progress of your deal. 

Portrait or landscape

Download Word documents in your orientation.

Download everything, or just what you need

Need to download just a section of the list? Or a filtered view? No problem. We can handle that.

Screenshot of the Word Downloads dashboard
Legatics dashboard permissions screen


Control your transaction

Control content and document access at the list, section, row, column or document level. You can also customise permissions based on user roles.

Document access

Working on a complex list and need to control document access? No problem, with our permissions you can hide documents in a list from other participants.

View as another user

Easily see what Legatics looks like to another user and confirm that your permissions are correctly applied.

Audit trail

Monitor your transaction

Stay focused on the transaction and let our audit trail automatically record who did what, and when.

Legatics dashboard Audit Trail screen


Seamlessly integrate all of
your critical applications

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Try Legatics today

If you use Word to manage your transactions, you can use Legatics. Using Legatics is that simple.