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Legal Corporates

Make your transactions more efficient, reduce your costs and impress your stakeholders

Still managing documents with File Explorer and getting Word checklists from your lawyers?  Try Legatics – it’s secure, flexible, and built for legal transactions.

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What are the challenges?

  • Cost pressure

    Your team is under pressure to deliver more for less, without external support.

  • Time pressure

    The demands on your team keep growing, and transaction timelines keep getting tighter. But your team stays the same size.

  • Technology

    Technology is advancing, but you’re still using File Explorer to manage your documents and Outlook to share them.

  • Collaborative working

    Remote working is here to stay, and keeping everyone on the same page in a remote, digital world isn’t easy – especially when all you have is Word and Excel to manage your transaction.

Solve these challenges by managing everything in one place

You don’t have to switch between documents, spreadsheets, email, and other tools to keep your transaction running smoothly. 

Legatics gives you the tools needed to collaboratively plan, organise, and execute your transaction in one place – no matter what type of transaction you are working on.

Reduce cost pressure

By automating manual and repetitive tasks.

Significant time savings

Free up your team to focus on higher value legal work.

Improved transaction experience

Thanks to greater visibility and less confusion.

Our software helps solve your challenges

Digital lists

Manage documents, actions, comments, statuses (and more) in one place with our digital lists.

Learn more

Document management

Break out of File Explorer and store your documents where everyone can find them.

Learn more

Signing view

Sign documents with our wet-ink tool, or send to DocuSign – all from your list.

Learn more


Get real-time insight into the progress of the deal and each list. Quickly see the actions you need to perform and keep work on track – all in one place.

Learn more

Practice areas

A transaction management platform that works for every practice area

Our flexible, easy-to-use and visual platform allows any practice area to manage more of their transaction in one place.

Banking & Finance

Automate manual tasks and get funds to flow faster. Learn more

Capital Markets

Accelerate issuances and ring the opening bell sooner. Learn more

Corporate and M&A

Seamlessly manage and complete your transaction in one place. Learn more


Securely share documents and keep everyone up-to-date with the latest information. Learn more


Get to trial faster by simplifying your document management. Learn more

Real Estate

Get to completion faster with everyone on the same page. Learn more


Obtain approvals quicker and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Learn more


Collaboratively improve your client’s business outlook in less time. Learn more


Send documents to DocuSign, track their status in Legatics and more – letting you close your deal faster, and in one place.


Provide a heightened level of security for all of your Legatics data.

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Securely transfer your documents to and from Legatics.

Try Legatics today

Learn how Legatics can help your organisation reduce costs and accelerate transactions.