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Why do people work at Legatics?

Legatics outdoor team photo

We are driven by our cause

Legal transactions make the world go around. They allow companies, charities and governments to make economic progress and are an embodiment of the rule of law. Without the law, and the transactions that use it, there can be little freedom, stability or fairness. Our software helps lawyers run digital, organised and efficient legal transactions. So whether you’re leading our product roadmap, developing a complex single-page application or supporting a customer to adopt the product, everyone at Legatics knows they’re part of something important: something big, and something that does good in the world.

We support and learn from each other

Legatics is a supportive team. We ask for help and take the time to develop one another’s skills. We are a diverse group that share problems, opportunities, wisdom and solutions. Our sales team values collaboration and rejects competition. Good ideas can come from anyone, regardless of role or seniority. We spend time and money developing good managers. However many years of experience anyone has, they always appreciate there is more to learn. Feedback is always encouraged, in all directions, and we see it as a valuable opportunity to better ourselves.

We enjoy ourselves

As much as Legatics was founded to create better legal transactions, it was also founded to be fun. Ex-lawyers have joined our team because they believed in a better and more enjoyable workplace. Our hybrid working practices are those chosen by our teams. Engineers joined because they love the challenge of building complex technology using the latest tech stack. We believe that we do our best work when we’re happy. Our finest creative moments happen when we are our most inspired. And if we’re not, we bring each other back with formal and informal mental health support.

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