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LegalGeek and Capacity game

8 members of the Legatics team at LegalGeek

Team Legatics had a brilliant day at LegalGeek the week before last.

It was great to catch up with existing contacts and customers and talk about ways to continue to innovate within law. Legatics has been present at LegalGeek from the first conference, so it’s incredibly exciting to see how much the event and the LegalTech industry has grown.

We were also delighted to see such a good reaction to our 8-bit arcade game, Capacity. Capacity was built by our CEO Anthony, as a fun way of representing the way Legatics can transform legal transactions. You play a junior lawyer trying to collect as many contracts as possible, relying on coffee and the occasional dramatic intervention by Legatics to keep you going as long as possible.

We’re very grateful for the awesome makeover HexStudio gave the arcade box that you can see from the pictures.

Capacity arcade console

Following on from the launch of the game at LegalGeek, we’re very excited to announce that Capacity is now also available to be played online on our website via the following link! Give it a go and see how long you can continue collecting contracts with the help of Legatics:

For a target to aim at, Legatics Product Designer Victoria holds the current Legatics high score with a huge score of 01:49.

Game over screen from Capacity game