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Firms of the Future: Overcoming the barriers to legaltech adoption

Book 2 of our Firms of the Future Series

In our previous Firms of the Future eBook, we explored how experts in the legal field have been driving changes to help law firms become more digitally effective and culturally ready for new market competition and evolving client expectations. Book 2 follows on from this theme and dives deeper into how to overcome the barriers to adopting new technology at law firms.

Why do many law firms find it difficult to roll out technology and what are the best ways to approach this challenge?

This book covers: 

  • Understanding the ROI from legaltech
  • Tackling the barriers to legaltech adoption 
  • Approaching the adoption of new technology with partners, lawyers, and clients
  • The role of legaltech in the client experience 
  • How to work with your vendor to drive legaltech adoption at your firm

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