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Firms of the Future: Adapting to changes in the legal industry

Book 1 of our Firms of the Future Series

With many professional services firms starting to invest in technology and innovation, those who have failed to adapt to new changes will inevitably find themselves quickly falling behind. However, in the attempt of integrating new digital solutions into their existing structures and workflows, many organisations, including law firms, often forget that it is the change in culture that is key to making a real difference. 

In Part 1 of our eBook, we explore how experts in the legal field have been driving changes to help law firms become not only more digitally effective, but also culturally ready for new market competition and evolving client expectations. 

This book covers: 

  • Why it’s important for the the legal industry to address and change firm culture
  • How law schools should prepare students to survive in the industry 
  • Why accounting firms are ahead with tech adoption – and what law firms can do to progress

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