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New Admin System: tap into a wealth of strategic and adoption intelligence

Rolling out legaltech is hard. To be successful, you need a system that gives you control and the data you need for adoption and strategic insights. 

Designed by lawyers for lawyers, Legatics aims to alleviate your workload by automating the admin tasks that bog you down. But we want to do more. We want to help you grow legaltech adoption with the wealth of data behind your transactions.

New Admin System

We’re excited to introduce our new Admin System. It’s your go-to place for managing Legatics: viewing critical data at a glance, extracting valuable insights, controlling matters, and having complete oversight of users.

Our vision is to build Legatics into a platform that simplifies lawyers’ jobs, and provides understanding of usage at scale. Manage Legatics effortlessly, generate business insights, understand ROI, and easily track adoption.

First of all, let’s take a look at the Overview dashboard.

View critical data at a glance

The dashboard provides a clean and intuitive overview screen for viewing critical data at a glance. You can identify the number of matters and users, and the number of guests and members on the platform.

Generate strategic insights from reports

Download various reports in CSV or JSON formats to provide you with all the necessary data. This includes:

  • Matters report: matter participants and critical metadata provide comprehensive data that sheds light on your matters. Empower yourself with the insights you need to understand how Legatics is being used and by whom.
  • Users report: monitor data access and engagement to gain insights into the types of users and the matters they have access to.
  • Lists report: download lots of data about every list in a matter and gain insights into its intricate details.
  • Activity report: gain insight into the strength or weakness of usage. Our activity report paints a complete picture of who uses Legatics, when they use it, and which matters they utilise the most.

Empowered matter management

As a System Admin, you can effortlessly manage your matters. Add new admins, delete old matters, or view a matter without needing to be added to it. With increased control over matters on the platform, ensure everything remains on track, compliant, and within standards.

Additionally, when you delete a matter, the platform retains limited data, ensuring you have core data available for analytics.

Seamless user management

Stay on top of who accesses your data, and remove users from matters to safeguard them by accessing both internal and external users. Gain a clear overview of each user’s level of access on the platform. We empower you to monitor and flag suspicious activities for immediate action.

How can I learn more about the Admin System?

The new Admin System gives you a better way to manage Legatics and understand platform usage. And we’re just getting started!

Learn more about what’s on the roadmap. And if you’re already a user – check out the Knowledge Base and try it out now!