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Our statement on Ukraine and our team

graphic reading #standwithukraine

The war in Ukraine feels very personal for us at Legatics because we have team members there. We are very concerned about their wellbeing, as well as everyone who is affected.

As a company, we are standing with our Ukrainian colleagues and are offering direct, material support to help ensure their wellbeing. We have relocated people outside of the country, given them funds to assist their move and provided accommodation to them. We have huge admiration for their calm and collected manner while enacting emergency plans as well as the work they are still doing for us, mostly from new locations.

While the safety of our team members is the first priority, we can assure everyone that Legatics has also taken every precaution with regards to continued service for our customers and we remain able to offer our full range of services, without disruption. None of our technical infrastructure is located in Ukraine.

Our thoughts are with everyone impacted, and we will continue to hope for a swift, peaceful resolution while doing everything we can to help in the current circumstances.