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Matter templates, a matter creation wizard, and create from Word, Excel or legal text

We know that the hardest part of any big project is getting started. In version 2.10, we're releasing features that make it easier and quicker to get moving on Legatics.

Setting up a matter can be complex and time-consuming, involving steps like inviting the right people, creating lists, and configuring permissions correctly. When dealing with similar matters frequently, the process can feel frustratingly slow.

Version 2.10 brings you speed ! In this release, we introduce matter templates and a matter creation wizard, so you can set up matters faster, easier, and with fewer errors. You can now also create a list in seconds and get to work straight away by importing legal text, a word document or excel sheet.

Get started from a matter template

With matter templates, you can get started faster with pre-configured options in place. Template admins can create custom categories for easy browsing, so you can quickly find the perfect template for your needs.

Each template can be pre-loaded with lists, roles, organisations, and permissions, eliminating the need for manual setup. This ensures consistency across all your matters and aligns them with established standards – all while saving you precious time.

This goes beyond saving time. With matter templates, you’re building a central repository of best practices, captured and shared across the firm. Template admins can track template usage to identify trends and stay on top of what the team needs.

Are you a template admin? Learn more about setting up matter templates here.

Create matters in a guided workflow

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a smoother setup experience. With this release, we’ve revamped the matter creation process to be more intuitive and user-friendly, especially for new users.

Our new matter creation wizard guides you step-by-step, eliminating confusion and ensuring you have everything set up correctly from the start. This streamlined approach not only reduces onboarding time for first-time users, but also cuts down on the need to consult numerous knowledge base articles.

With a simpler and more intuitive setup process, you’ll be up and running faster and ready to take advantage of all that our platform has to offer.

Learn more about the matter creation wizard here.

Import lists with ease (Word / Excel / legal text)

Importing Word files into Legatics just got a whole lot faster. We’ve simplified our process by replacing the multi-step approach with just a single-step import.

With our new feature, it’s as simple as 1-2-3:

  • Create list (of course!)
  • Select the “Word” option
  • Upload your Word file and hit “import”

That’s it! No more time wasted clicking through menus. This streamlined approach cuts down on the number of steps significantly, getting you to your imported lists faster than ever.

Learn more about the feature here

Where can I learn more?

We hope that you have enjoyed our 2.10 release! 

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s on the roadmap, find more information here. And if you’re already a user – try it out now!