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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about Legatics?

Here, you’ll find answers to some common questions about the platform.

Legatics and the cloud

Yes, Legatics is a cloud-based platform.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is our cloud provider.

This depends on the customer hosting the matter. Data can currently be stored in the EU (Ireland) or Australia (Sydney). Other locations are available for a fee.

Legatics uses a small number of third parties when providing the product and support services. These are: AWS (hosting and managing our applications), Datadog (infrastructure monitoring), Cloudflare (web application firewall), Intercom (user support platform), Integrated Communications Limited (support call service outside of UK office hours).

No, we do not offer Legatics on premises, it is only available via the cloud.

Most businesses are using cloud services in one form or another, Microsoft 365 for example. Businesses are typically happy to do so if the security controls meet their standards and needs, and we are confident that our robust security posture will meet these. We have been used by more than 100 banks worldwide and increasingly find that banks are asking their law firms to use Legatics on their deals. We also increasingly find that clients are expecting firms to show how they’re using technology to improve service delivery and drive down costs in tenders and RFPs.


We are used by the world’s leading law firms, including many of the AmLaw 100, UK top 100 and five of the 23 Band 1 to 4 ranked Chambers & Partners law firms globally, and have been used in over 60 countries around the world. Learn more here!

Switching from another provider

We have a comprehensive process to support you in switching to Legatics. We work collaboratively with you to agree an approach to migration, training and launch that works for you.


Legatics holds an ISO 27001:17 certificate issued by the British Assessment Bureau (BAB). This confirms that Legatics has been internally and externally audited for compliance with the ISO 27001 control set.

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We utilise TLS v1.22 or higher for data transit and AES 256 bit encryption for data at rest. We monitor access and usage of this data using AWS monitoring capability and Datadog. Data is logically separated per instance, ensuring client data is segregated and cannot be accessed by other client instances.

The encryption keys are stored on the AWS Key Management System. We utilise AWS’ Hardware Security Module to generate and store keys.

Yes, all users are required to log in using two factor authentication (2FA), with the second factor being a code delivered by email, unless the user belongs to a customer who has SSO enabled, in which case the customer’s SSO requirements apply.


Legatics currently has integrations with iManage, DocuSign, and SSO.

We connect directly with your DocuSign account, so you can access every feature in that account. You can also connect multiple DocuSign accounts to your Legatics environment. Learn more here!


As a legaltech vendor, we understand the challenges that come with implementing new technology and we place a strong emphasis on this in our customer support. Our Engagement team will work closely with your firm to identify and overcome adoption barriers, maintain momentum and enable you to gain the maximum value from Legatics. The team will also collaborate with you to help plan, execute and monitor platform roll-outs.

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