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Pinsent Masons

Streamlined CP Management


We used Legatics on our Project Moonwalker transaction, which had 12 obligors, 5 jurisdictions and 8 law firms assisting with the various finance documents and getting to completion. We had heard about Legatics through our colleagues, and this transaction sounded like a great fit for making this process run smoothly.


Complex deal

Managing a large number of deliverables across many jurisdictions.


Need to restrict access.

Manage multiple stakeholders

Keep many parties up to date.

Our Solution

Tools for the job

We set up our CP checklist on the platform, which enabled all parties to feed into the platform, seamlessly and efficiently managing a large number of deliverables across many jurisdictions.

Using Legatics minimised the amount of email traffic and calls, as Legatics shows the status of each deliverable in real time; and the up to date status of the overall transaction. This was critical with so many parties working on the transaction simultaneously.

We tailored the platform to restrict access to specific documents and features where appropriate, and allowed a select number of parties to mark a deliverable as “satisfied”. This was particularly helpful since only a handful of parties were providing CP satisfaction letters, so they needed a robust audit trail for issuing these letters. Tailoring was straightforward and the whole platform felt very intuitive.

Following the completion of the transaction we received praise from both our client and the other parties involved, for our project management to which Legatics significantly contributed.


Time saved

Using Legatics minimised the amount of email traffic and calls.

Satisfied clients

Transparency and real time updates.

Ease of use

Fewer emails back and forth.

Prompt parties actions

Visibility across discrete modules.

  • The whole platform felt very intuitive.
    Pinsent Masons Associate

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If you use Word to manage your transactions, you can use Legatics. Using Legatics is that simple.