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Legatics helps Infobip synchronise data across 70+ offices worldwide


Global cloud communications platform, Infobip, used Legatics to connect legal teams from its eight regions worldwide governing legal corporate compliance and requirements in 70+ offices — bringing their legal documents into one place. This meant more control over jurisdictional data needs, reduced compliance risk, greater transparency and less time coordinating documentation.


Multi-jurisdiction transactions

Global legal teams with differing jurisdictional documentation and compliance needs

Time taken

Traditional tools like Word, Excel and email correspondence slow down the process


Need for clarity, visibility and better risk management

Our Solution

Tools for the job

Historically, the Infobip team used LegalShare and a collection of Excel sheets to manage the mass of documents from 70+ offices governed by eight regional legal teams.

This approach wasn’t effective enough and was slowing down other processes, particularly as each country had its own set of compliance requirements to adhere to.

Using Legatics meant Infobip will be able to record the necessary requirements and legal documentation for each of its 70+ offices transparently, in one place.

The Infobip team could see the status of each country’s document submissions in real-time — giving a clear, global overview of progress. It could also quickly identify any ‘gaps’ in submissions and follow up on missing documents.

Having everything in a central place saved Infobip a huge amount of time spent emailing to chase up documents and updates on submissions. The team also found the platform easy to use and quick to get set up on!


Improved transparency and access to real-time overview

Bridging the global data gap

Simple document creation

All documents and columns in one place

Greater visibility

Clear audit trail

Time saving

Reduced time on sharing information and gathering updates by at least 20%

  • Legatics provides us with a lot of flexibility, transparency and organisation. The platform is intuitive and our teams have been able to get started with very little training. It’s something we look forward to using across other teams and projects within the business.
    Tomislav Poljak, Senior Legal Associate

Try Legatics today

If you use Word to manage your transactions, you can use Legatics. Using Legatics is that simple.