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Addleshaw Goddard

How seamless migration to Legatics boosted adoption


Addleshaw Goddard, a law firm based in London, faced challenges with their former transaction management platform due to its limited flexibility, customisation options, and user-friendly permissions, resulting in low adoption rates among lawyers. To address these issues, the Innovation and Legal Technology (ILT) Team focused on finding a more intuitive, highly customisable, and easy-to-implement solution. Since adopting Legatics in April 2023, the firm has seen a significant improvement in transaction management efficiency, evidenced by a notable increase in matter openings.


Lack of flexibility

The previous platform lacked flexibility, hindering adaptation for lawyers’ needs.

Customisation limitations

Lawyers preferred manual methods using Word or Excel due to difficulties and inefficiencies experienced with the previous platform.

Complex permissions

Unclear permissions caused uncertainty among users.

Our Solution

Tools for the job

Addleshaw Goddard transitioned to Legatics as their primary transaction management platform. This move effectively addressed previous challenges encountered with their former system. To ensure a smooth transition, they operated both platforms concurrently until finalising live matters, minimising migration burdens.

This strategic move empowered Addleshaw Goddard to substantially increase matter openings, boost adoption rates among lawyers, and enhance overall transaction management efficiency. Notably, Legatics’ flexible columns and intuitive features played a pivotal role in overcoming previous hurdles and optimising workflows across the firm.

By integrating Legatics into trainee programs and offering ongoing support, Addleshaw Goddard ensures continued user adoption and maximises the platform’s value across the firm.


Seamless Migration

Increased adoption rates

Lawyers at Addleshaw Goddard are now opening around five times more matters than before.

Enhanced flexibility and customisation

The platform’s flexible columns helped overcome previous challenges, making it easier for lawyers to manage transactions.

Improved efficiency and visibility

The Legatics online dashboard provided live visibility of CP checklist progress and outstanding responsibilities, streamlining the transaction management process.

  • The success in these types of rollouts stems first from good technology with a clear and intuitive UI. But as importantly it is the dedicated rollout support provided by our excellent team members in the ILT Team and of course the close partnership we encourage with our technology providers. I've been impressed with Legatics high-touch approach to the rollout and the ongoing relationships they have built with our team members.”
    Addleshaw Goddard Director of Innovation and Legal Technology
  • On our previous platform, there were lots of challenges being faced which meant that adoption was really low. The lawyers can see the benefits that Legatics brings and this shows in the numbers as we are now opening around 5 times more matters than before.
    Addleshaw Goddard Senior Legal Technologist
  • The Legatics customer team supported us with every aspect of our communication plan. Some of our clients required some reassurance around the move which the Legatics team helped us to provide by joining calls with us and the client to take them through the platform and address any concerns.
    Addleshaw Goddard Senior Legal Technologist

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