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Building AI technology for rapid law firm adoption

Building AI technology for rapid law firm adoption

Approaches to building AI-based legaltech
funded by Innovate UK

While AI-based technologies have huge potential in increasing productivity in the professional services sector, law firms have been slow to adopt new digital practices. 

Funded by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, we have conducted a thorough analysis of the product-based barriers to the adoption of AI-based legaltech, in hope of helping the legal sector to deploy AI in ways that could reduce those difficulties and maximise work efficiency. 

In this report, we identified three approaches to building AI based technologies for law firms:

  • Reduce costs through integrated & pre-configured microservices
  • Restore trust in technological solutions by allowing amendment of outputs
  • Elicit familiarity through intuitive and tailored interfaces

Download our report for more details: