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5 myths about working at Legatics

graphic of a stick person saying 5 myths vs facts

Legatics employees on what pleasantly surprised them about working in a legaltech startup

Myth 1: you need experience in law

When I initially came across the opportunity to join Legatics, I was excited by the role and responsibilities but hesitant to apply as I was worried about my lack of experience in the legal sector. When I joined, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse team who have come from a variety of industries such as fintech, consultancy, data analytics plus more. Diversity is championed internally – we truly appreciate the differing perspectives, unique ideas and the culture add.

Denika Campbell, Head of People & Talent

Myth 2: you need to be very data-savvy

I thought I had to be an Excel demon to be suitable for an early-stage tech start-up. Turns out I just needed to be keen to upskill, structured in my approach to data management and proactive in finding tasks which focussed on my development areas. I’m still only savvy in the basics, but I now find data-driven tasks a lot less intimidating!

Rachel Dungate, Senior Operations Associate

Myth 3: the pressure will create a challenging culture

Every company will tell you during their recruitment process that they have a great culture, support their employees and help them progress, but this is rarely the case once you join. I was pleasantly surprised that at Legatics, everything I had been promised was true. Everyone was very supportive of me as I learned the ropes, and encouraged me to take on new challenges, so I have progressed quickly. The culture at Legatics bears no resemblance to the dog-eat-dog world of most sales teams – everyone in the team helps each other, and wants to see the other win.

Ivan Ivanov, Business Development Associate

Myth 4: marketing legaltech will be boring

Before I joined Legatics, I had very little understanding of what legaltech is, and what Legatics can do. It’s easy to assume that a transaction management tool for lawyers is very dry, and that there won’t be many interesting stories to tell about it. In the few months since I’ve joined, that’s proven not to be the case, as I’ve been able to develop original research, work on videos, and plan events. The audience is actually very engaged, and I look forward to discovering more stories to tell.

Remy Maisel, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Myth 5: exposure to key business objectives & achievements will be limited

In my previous role I was involved in the tracking of key business metrics that impacted my team and the business. Prior to joining Legatics I was unsure how much exposure I might gain to this kind of information. It’s been fantastic to see such transparency within the business, at C-Level especially, as it creates for a much more comfortable environment when everyone knows what they’re aiming towards. The level of detail that is provided by the senior management team is great to see and means that we all understand the mission and expected outcome. It gives everyone, at every level, the opportunity to actively come up with ways to improve company performance as well as gaining exposure as collateral to the ideas they provide.

William Green, Engagement Manager