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Mannheimer Swartling
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Mannheimer Swartling is a Sweden-based law firm and one of the largest firms in the Nordics.


The Legatics transaction management platform was used by Mannheimer Swartling to coordinate the Conditions Precedent (CP) satisfaction process for a large wind portfolio project financing.


By deploying Legatics, the administrative burden was removed, where the transaction involved around 10 parties and over 100 CPs.  

Efficiency and collaboration throughout the deal. 

All parties to the transaction, including lead counsel, local counsel, banks and sponsors were able to have access to a master version of the CP checklist at all times on Legatics. Having everything in one place allowed the efficient sharing of documentation, as well as an easy way to approve and add comments in real-time. 

The legal team managing the process saw the benefits of less hands-on work for them in terms of administration because everything was automatically coordinated.

In addition, the team saw a significant reduction in time spent on CP update calls and emails.The Legatics platform allows for intuitive set-up and navigation of the checklists, and the overview screen provides a clear, transparent insight into the progress of the CP satisfaction process.

Overall the Legatics platform allows lawyers and other parties to collaborate more smoothly and improve workstreams.


“Legatics saved a lot of time on coordination and colleagues are asking to use it on their transactions.”

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Efficient party 

Due to real-time updates


Time savings

Transparency and easy coordination

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Ease of use
Simple, user friendly and intuitive

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Efficient transactions

Simplified CP satisfaction process