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The firm’s corporate practice deployed
the signing and completion feature on
Legatics’ document list module for a
large loan restructuring matter.

The deal required the execution of
93 agreements and 738 signature pages
from over 200 entities .

Deals signed and closed faster.

The ability to have the completion checklist, signature pages, and latest versions of documents linked together in one central place was a key driver in the decision to use Legatics, particularly given the number of documents involved and the time pressure of the transaction.

Legatics allowed all parties and users to have access to the documents list which enabled them to download the latest version of each document, view each documents’ status, the status of each signature page allocated to them and directly upload their signature pages.

Using Legatics, the lawyers were able to extract signature pages, generate automatic signing emails with the relevant signature pages and agreements attached, track the status of each signature, store executed signatures ages, and collate them into a final executed version. This significantly reduced the administrative time required to complete the deal resulting in a more efficient, lower risk process.


77% time saved on extraction of signature pages

81 % time saved on drafting of signing emails

59% time saved on collation of executed version


Effective resourcing
Resulting in lower deal
cost overall

risk of error.png

Risk of error reduced
Thanks to a centrally
managed system

satisfied clients.png

Better client experience
Due to real time updates

increased speed.png

Faster transactions
As a result of fewer
administrative tasks