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Lobo de Rizzo

Legatics helps Lobo de Rizzo increase transparency, enhance project management and save time


Lobo de Rizzo has previously used Legatics for finance transactions, but found that the platform also works well for buyer-side M&A deals. Legatics is mainly used for the M&A legal due diligence process.


Inefficient due diligence process

Manual circulation of Excel files

Lack of transparency

Difficulty in tracking the progress of transactions


Difficulty in tracking status updates and individual actions

Our Solution

Tools for the job

Compared to the firm’s traditional method of manually circulating Excel files during the due diligence process, Legatics provides a more time-efficient way of managing M&A transactions. Due diligence on the target company is carried out using the checklist module in the form of a ‘Q&A’. Users acting on behalf of the target company are able to easily upload documents beside the list items set out by the Lobo de Rizzo team. 

Legatics’ integration with iManage also allows users to upload important documents directly onto lists, saving time. Lobo de Rizzo particularly values the platform’s audit trail, which allows the firm to easily track the progress of the transaction and monitor the actions taken by individual users.

The firm notes that the ‘user friendly’ nature of the platform allowed the M&A team to quickly adapt to using Legatics for transactions. Furthermore, the ‘extremely fast’ response time from the Legatics’ Support team has been invaluable in helping the team to learn about the platform.

Lobo de Rizzo are huge advocates for technological innovation within the Brazilian legal industry and would therefore highly recommend Legatics to clients and colleagues.


Streamlined M&A process

Improved transparency and efficiency

Increased transparency

Clear audit trail and transaction progress

Faster transactions

Fewer administrative tasks

Lower deal cost

Effective resourcing and improved efficiency

  • Lobo de Rizzo would highly recommend Legatics to clients and colleagues.

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If you use Word to manage your transactions, you can use Legatics. Using Legatics is that simple.