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Legatics helps Wiersholm on a large financing transaction involving multiple jurisdictions


Leading Norwegian law firm Wiersholm used Legatics on a large transaction involving two joint-venture owners and legal counsel across a number of jurisdictions. Wiersholm acted as lead counsel for the group of lenders.


Multi-jurisdiction transaction

Managing two joint-venture owners and legal counsel across a number of jurisdictions

Complex deal

Keeping track of the status of all documents within a large transaction


Keeping communication flowing between team members

Our Solution

Tools for the job

By using Legatics, the Wiersholm team was able to keep track of the status of all the documents in the matter. Previously, a Word document was manually updated when documents were received via email – with Legatics, documents can be uploaded directly onto a list. This saved the team time spent reviewing emails and allowed them to view all the necessary files in one place.

The team used the platform’s automatic actions features, which meant that when documents were uploaded to a list the status would automatically change. This reduced the amount of time spent on updating statuses manually and gave the team greater confidence in the status of each document.

The ability to add comments directly to rows also allowed the team to inform each other where they were with certain documents. They didn’t have to rely on sending multiple emails with commentary, which may have been missed in a busy inbox. 

As this project was one with a variety of stages, different checklists were created for each transactional milestone. This made managing each milestone easier and gave all the parties a clearer view of how the matter was progressing from the overview screen. 

After closing, the team had a long period of time where follow-up tasks needed to be carried out. Using Legatics meant that all parties could continue to access the lists and download documents if needed, without having to reach out to Wiersholm. The creation of a bible on Legatics ensured that all relevant documents could be downloaded by the parties themselves in just a few clicks.


Time saved

Less time spent on reviewing emails and completing paperwork

Clear document statuses

Automatic updates of document status

Efficient team collaboration

Easy management of milestone progression

Fewer follow-up tasks

Create and download bible in just a few clicks

  • Legatics isn’t just about saving time and costs – it improves the quality of our work as we have a much better overview at any point in the transaction.

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If you use Word to manage your transactions, you can use Legatics. Using Legatics is that simple.