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Shearman & Sterling LLP

Discreet, efficient CP management


The Legatics platform was used by the Shearman team on the Super Six projects transaction, the $450 million financing of six wind power projects, to be built in Pakistan.

The deal, which successfully closed in November 2019, involved the management of six discreet projects on the Legatics site, over 1,000 CPs and more than 20 parties.


Complex deal

Need to manage a large number of CPs


Need to manage each deal separately and restrict access

Multiple parties

Over 1,000 CPs and more than 20 parties

Our Solution

Tools for the job

Legatics allowed Shearman lawyers to easily manage a large number of CPs in an efficient and straightforward manner.

The Legatics platform is easy to use. The ability to tag action parties and prompt actions that they can then see in their overview screen is extremely helpful and contributes to the smooth workflow and easy management of the CP process.

Tracking the real-time status of each CP is extremely valuable and the other parties to the transaction found Legatics to be a very efficient approach.

Since the CPs for six deals should be managed separately among the transaction parties, the ability to keep each module distinct and restrict access by appropriate parties to view and upload documents in each module was a really helpful and important element that ensured the success of the process.


Efficient transactions

Large deal and volumes of CPs simplified

Satisfied clients

Transparency and real-time updates

Ease of use

Simple, user-friendly and intuitive

Prompt parties actions

Visibility across discreet modules

  • I would definitely recommend the use of Legatics, particularly on a deal of this size.
    Shearman & Sterling LLP Associate, Project Development & Finance, Beijing

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