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Legatics helps Dentons save time and improve the client experience


Dentons, the world’s largest law firm, used Legatics while acting for a lender in a real estate financing deal. There were four obligors and approximately 70 documents. The deal was staffed by a partner, an associate and a trainee.


Time-consuming CP call

That previously took up three hours per week

Lack of real-time visibility

Need to produce CP checklists to
tight deadlines

Multiple document versions

Difficulty in tracking status updates

Our Solution

Tools for the job

Dentons used Legatics to manage the real estate financing deal centrally. The platform’s CP checklist function automated the CP collection and approval process, eliminating the need for CP calls that previously took up to three hours of partner, associate and trainees’ time per week.

The real-time visibility and status updates meant the team no longer had to produce Word document CP checklists to tight deadlines. This saved time and allowed trainees to get involved in more interesting tasks, improving their overall experience. The Legatics platform made it easier to track the latest versions of documents and status updates, improving document workflow and, consequently, the overall lawyer-client experience. 

At the end of the transaction, the team was able to use the platform to compile documents for the transaction in just three hours, reducing the 15-20 hour estimate for set up and bibling.


Better lawyer-client experience

Improved efficiency and reduced time for bibling

Increased speed 

18% (20-30 hour) time saving over a
2-month period

Fewer calls

CP calls no longer necessary

Improved profit margin

3% increase in gross profits

  • Vastly improves efficiency. Bible production is incredibly simple and quick. Intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

Try Legatics today

If you use Word to manage your transactions, you can use Legatics. Using Legatics is that simple.