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Morais Leitão

Clearer processes. Smoother collaboration. Time saved.


Morais Leitão is a leading full service law firm with its head office in Lisbon, Portugal. Legatics was used on a project to support a listed company in Portugal adopting corporate governance rules and best practices, and in the production of the mandatory annual Corporate Governance Report. In this project, Legatics was also used on the preparation of shareholder materials for the annual general meeting.


Time-consuming paperwork

Complex compliance and
governance process

Multi-disciplinary teams

With many teams involved

Restricted access

The need to ensure the team had visibility over the relevant sections

Our Solution

Tools for the job

The team at Morais Leitão created lists on Legatics, with different sections corresponding to the different elements required for the Corporate Governance Report. Documents were easily uploaded beside list items needed by the client’s team. Legatics’ access restrictions ensured that the team had clear visibility over the sections relevant to them.

Morais Leitão has previously used Legatics for transactional matters, but found that the platform also works well for compliance and governance processes for listed companies, which tend to be fairly time-consuming and involve large multi-disciplinary teams.

As well as making these processes clearer, Legatics saved Morais Leitão and the client’s team time that would otherwise have been spent on sending emails and documents back and forth.

The Morais Leitão team also noted that the Legatics Support team was “amazing” and able to answer all questions that they had regarding the platform.


Time saved

Less time spent on emails

Satisfied clients

Simple and efficient process

Multi-disciplinary team collaboration

Easy to keep track of progress

Less paperwork

Fewer emails back and forth

  • Legatics saved time that would have been otherwise spent on sending emails and documents back and forth.
    Morais Leitão Corporate and M&A Partner

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