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BCLP Streamlines Appendix Collation in Real Estate Transactions


BCLP, a fully integrated global law firm with over 1,275 lawyers across 31 offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, leverages Legatics to streamline appendix collation in real estate transactions. The firm is renowned for its relationship-driven, collaborative culture, diverse legal experience, and industry-shaping innovation, particularly in M&A, real estate, financial services, litigation, and corporate risk practices.


Document management and sharing

Collating appendices on the document management system or local folders was ineffective and challenging to share with external parties, resulting in frequent delays.

Seat rotations and continuity

As trainees change seats every six months, ongoing matters required new trainees to get up to speed with the latest version of appendices, leading to inefficiencies.

Transparency and real-time updates

There was a lack of transparency to clients regarding the progress of appendix collation, affecting the overall client experience.

Version control

Trainees and fee earners had individual ways of naming and saving documents, complicating the handover process during seat rotations.

Our Solution

Tools for the job

Legatics provides BCLP with a user-friendly, intuitive platform where lawyers can easily upload documents and allocate tasks. Lawyers can create standardised saving and naming conventions for appendices, avoiding version control concerns and facilitating easy tracking. This is particularly useful for highly negotiable deals, enabling lawyers to identify the latest version of documents and chase specific actions effortlessly.


Time saved

Using Legatics significantly reduced administrative time delays

Improved document management

Standardised conventions and version control features minimised disruptions and made document tracking more efficient.

Seamless Seat Rotations

The platform facilitated smooth transitions during trainee seat rotations, ensuring continuity in ongoing matters.

Increased transparency

Clients had real-time visibility of the progress, leading to a better client experience and fewer delays.

Simplified admin

Legatics streamlined the collation of appendices, saving time and reducing administrative burdens for everyone involved.

  • Legatics is an extremely user-friendly platform. It is intuitive, simple, and gets the job done. We’ve cut administrative time delays considerably and have also been able to share access to Legatics with our more tech-savvy clients. The feedback has been entirely positive.
    BCLP Trainee Solicitor

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If you use Word to manage your transactions, you can use Legatics. Using Legatics is that simple.