Automatically Generate Your CP Checklist

From the CP schedule or clause of your financing agreement, you can automatically import the CPs to completion. Parties can then upload documents and versions of documents next to specific line items, leave comments, view and download documents uploaded by others and, where relevant, sign off on documents directly in the platform.

Replicate Your List Instantly For e.g. Different Aircraft

If you have generated a checklist for an asset, you can then replicate it for other assets or classes of assets, and restrict access to lists so that only those parties to whom that asset is relevant will be able to view and interact with it. Parties therefore avoid being overburdened with information that may not be relevant to them, while you maintain control of the overall transaction.

Automate Your Signing Process

Legatics can extract the signature pages from your execution version documents and generate Mercury-compliant emails that you can tailor and send with the click of a button. Once you or the parties upload the signed pages, the software will then collate them to create composite copies of the executed documents.

Track the Progress of the Deal in Real Time and Sort Deliverables by Key Dates

Parties will have their own Dashboard through which they can track the status of the deal or a process and see and quickly access items waiting for them to action. They can also set how frequently they receive notifications, and these notifications will be focused only on items relevant to them.

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Automatically Generate Your Transaction Bibles

Convert your documents list into one or more transaction bibles in minutes. The software will rename and number the document titles for you, and generate a hyperlinked index. Parties who are granted access to a particular bible will be able to download the bible directly from the platform.

Legatics for Asset Finance

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Anthony was a finance associate at Clifford Chance and now leads product development at Legatics. He is also a programmer who brings a technical skillset to legal process, rooted in his experience analysing satellite data whilst conducting an M.Phil at the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge.

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