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Signature packs, new columns, and improved user management

In Version 2.9, we introduce signature packs, new columns for deadline and responsibility tracking, as well as enhanced user management.

As a transactional lawyer, managing signatures is tough. Creating and putting together signature packs is a lot of work. It takes time and often is prone to error. We have been hearing from our customers how hard it is to deal with signatures in the wet-ink process.

Our new release is here to help! Version 2.9 brings you signature packs, new columns and much more. We have made the signature process a thousand times simpler, so you can create packs for parties and signatories in no time.

Your signatures, streamlined

We are obsessed with crafting an unparalleled user experience for lawyers. This update brings the focus back to presenting a clean and intuitive interface on the platform.

With the new update, you no longer have to scroll through each document and identify each signature page for extraction. With our new Signature Packs feature, you can now easily extract identify signature pages with our AI tool.

Effortlessly assign parties or signatories to them with a simple click, and download your signature packs in a neat and organised format, ready for use. To see it in motion, watch our video here.

P.S. We’re working on the Collate feature to help you bring all signature pages back into one final version of the document. Stay tuned!

Spend less time tracking deadlines

As former lawyers, we know how many deadlines there are in transactions. The last thing you’d want is to capture deadlines in a static Word document, which no one can see or access. Relying on static Word documents to track these deadlines can also be inefficient.

With the new Date Column, you can select a specific date (or date range), to avoid delays and ensure timely completion by all users. In this way, you can manage your time more effectively to meet your deadlines, and encourage proactive actions to avoid delays. 

Quickly identify who is responsible

With a million things going on, it used to be quite difficult to track who is responsible for an item in a list. With the new Responsibility Column, you can find who is in charge of which item in a split second. You can assign the responsibility to an organisation, role, or user, making it easier to track ownership and progress.

Invite everyone in one go

With the new Bulk-add Users feature, you can simply copy and paste all email addresses onto the platform, and invite them all in one go. This helps you set up your matter even quicker and saves your time.

More control over matter access

With the new 2-step Invite feature, you can choose to authorise access to matters only after adding users to the platform. Matter admins can check that everything in the matter is configured correctly before providing access to third-party collaborators, making sure collaboration on matters is safe and flexible.

We hope that you enjoy our 2.9 release!

If you’re interested in learning more about what’s on the roadmap, find more information here. And if you’re already a user – try it out now!