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Watson Farley & Williams

Legatics provides an efficient, collaborative tool


A multi-disciplinary London team that advised NatWest* as lenders on the £30m SONIA-based financing of a portfolio of UK rooftop and ground-mounted solar PV projects, owned by Innova, with a total installed capacity of 57 MW. The transaction required the fulfilment of over 500 conditions precedent which were managed using a Legatics checklist.


Complex deal

Need to manage over 500
Conditions Precedent checklists

High email traffic

Sending documents back and forth

Lack of real-time insights

Difficult to monitor progress updates

Our Solution

Tools for the job

Legatics allowed Watson Farley & Williams’ lawyers and their client to easily collaborate on the CP checklist, with instant access and transparency for the client in particular.

By providing a visual dashboard of progress, Legatics provided accountability and allowed for closer collaboration from all parties involved in the transaction. Having live access to the CP checklist meant that the team was constantly monitoring progress and keeping it up to date. The Legatics site is easy to access and use, and Watson Farley & Williams actively encourages its teams to consider the use of Legatics on transactions. The firm sees it as a clear benefit to both clients and the working practices of their own lawyers.


Live collaboration with
fewer emails

Efficient management of large CP checklist across multiple parties

Efficient transactions

Large deals and volume of CPs simplified

Real-time collaboration

Keeping all feedbacks up to date

Improved client experience

User-friendly platform with visual dashboard

  • Managing a large CP checklist like this on Legatics was far more efficient than the usual process.
    Watson Farley & Williams Trainee Associate, London

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If you use Word to manage your transactions, you can use Legatics. Using Legatics is that simple.