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Trinity International LLP

Legatics provides instant, visual collaboration


Trinity International LLP is a niche law firm with a unique focus on projects, finance, corporate and commercial transactions in emerging markets. The firm, acting for the borrower, used the Legatics platform to successfully close the project financing of a 52 MWp solar PV plant in Kenya. The deal was live on the Legatics site for over 12 months and over 240 CPs were uploaded for financial close and completion of conditions subsequent.


Multiple parties

Need to interact with local counsel


Need for clarity and clear visibility

Delayed feedback

Difficult to relay immediate updates to clients

Our Solution

Tools for the job

Legatics allows Trinity senior lawyers to easily oversee multiple transactions and ensure they are across all issues. The partner or associate has instant access and can immediately relay updates to the client. By providing a visual representation of progress and responsibilities, Legatics provides accountability and encourages closer collaboration from all parties involved in the transaction.

A checklist can be adapted to the specifics of the transaction which makes interacting with local counsel easy. They can review and comment on documents so that feedback is immediately seen by all parties and can be actioned in real time. The Legatics site is easy to access and use on any device and in any location, therefore it suits Trinity’s clients’ needs as they are regularly on the move or on site. 

Trinity now actively encourages clients to consider Legatics. In addition, being able to agree tighter fee caps on CP processes is a clear benefit to clients.


Real-time feedback
Efficient progress

Instant communication via any device in all locations

Live updates

Feedback visible to all parties and can be actioned in real time

Better accountability

Visual dashboard of progress and responsibilities

Higher adaptability

Ability to relay updates to clients who are regularly on the move

  • Legatics has saved enormous amounts of time, paper and stress in the CP process.
    Trinity International LLP Partner, London

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If you use Word to manage your transactions, you can use Legatics. Using Legatics is that simple.