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BCLP Accelerates Enquiry Handling in Real Estate Transaction with Legatics


With over 1,275 lawyers in 31 offices across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, BCLP is a fully integrated global law firm that provides clients with connected legal advice, wherever and whenever they need it. In one instance, BCLP utilised Legatics as an enquiries tracker to streamline a significant real estate transaction involving the sale of eight student accommodation buildings.


Managing multiple parties

Real estate transactions often involve multiple parties making title enquiries on the properties concerned, creating complexity in coordination.

Handling labour-intensive processes

Junior lawyers traditionally collate responses in Word and Excel documents, which can span hundreds of pages, making the process very labour-intensive.

Tracking transaction progress

Keeping track of over 300 cross-transaction enquiries and ensuring clear ownership of outstanding actions was challenging without a centralised system.

Our Solution

Tools for the job

Legatics enabled BCLP to efficiently manage over 300 cross-transaction enquiries within a single list, where all enquiries, replies, documents and actions are centrally logged. It allowed the team to track transaction progress without the need for manual status updates before progress calls.

Additionally, with clear ownership assigned to outstanding actions, it was easy to identify accountable parties, speeding up the resolution of issues that might have previously slowed progress.


Efficient transactions

Legatics streamlined the handling of a complex real estate deal

Efficient enquiry management

BCLP replaced a labour-intensive process with a streamlined, efficient system.

Real-time tracking and updates

The platform allowed for real-time tracking of changes and progress, significantly improving transparency and accountability.

Expedited issue resolution

Clear ownership of actions expedited the resolution of issues, ensuring smooth transaction progress.

Improved client collaboration

The collaborative platform facilitated better communication and coordination with the buyer’s lawyers, enhancing overall transaction efficiency.

  • Legatics made managing a notoriously admin-heavy process much easier and faster, saving countless hours that were better spent on value-add work.
    BCLP Associate

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