Legatics join Fuse, Allen & Overy’s tech innovation space


Legatics is to join Fuse, a technology innovation space within Allen & Overy. The Legatics River modular deal platform, alongside Legatics’ long term vision was presented in July to a selection committee that included Oli Harris (J.P. Morgan), Robert Kerrigan (Funding Circle), Alex Wong (Amazon) and Sam Myers (Balderton Capital).

High levels of lawyer input have been central to the success of Legatics’ software offering to date. As the Legatics River platform expands, working closely with Allen & Overy lawyers will ensure that the platform continues to accurately embody lawyers' complex working practices.

For media interviews, enquiries and information please contact info@legatics.com.

Legatics launch Legatics River matter platform

Legatics have launched Legatics River, an end-to-end transaction platform that improves the client experience and efficiency of many legal processes.

The software is modular, allowing lawyers to pick and choose the functionality they wish to use upon their matter. Legatics’ previous software, ‘Conditions Perfect’, popular for the management of conditions precedent in financing transactions, has been integrated as one such module in the Legatics River platform. Legatics have also added further modules that organise and automate bible (or ‘closing set’) production, handle complex document negotiations and efficiently collect and distribute KYC. As with all of Legatics’ software, large amounts of lawyer time has been invested into redesigning each legal process, ensuring that the software accurately represents the nuanced workflows of front-line practitioners.

Legatics’ state-of-the-art information security systems have also been expanded to allow law firms to hold their own database and file encryption keys. Retaining such control allows law firms to satisfy even the most stringent of client requirements.

For media enquiries, information or interviews please contact info@legatics.com.

About Legatics

Legatics turn traditional paper and email based legal processes into simple and innovative software. The company enables law firms to realise large efficiency gains by rethinking the day-to-day work of lawyers and introducing highly automatic software. The client experience of a process is placed at the forefront of all new designs.

Legatics software development is led by lawyers, meaning it accurately embodies legal tasks, is easy and pleasurable for them to use and upholds the high standards of client care and communication firms have built their reputation on.